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You Can’t Go Wrong With Baagan

Start your healthy eating today! Contact Baagan

in San Ramon, California.

A Good Source of Tasty Reviews

Baagan has been serving delicious vegan food since 2011. Parents and children alike are enjoying healthy meals made with fresh ingredients and all the good stuff. Read our customers’ testimonials about our organic dishes on this page. Visit us in San Ramon, California to 

find out for yourself!


"Wow, is this place great! Vegan food can veer off into the unhealthy range pretty quickly. Far too many places prepare plant-based food by deep-frying, using unhealthy oils, using processed food, and not using organic food. You won't find any of that at Baagan. This place is vegan healthy!

Homemade (of course) veggie burgers are outstanding, as are the smoothies and I'm sure everything else on the menu. I was only in town for a couple of days. If I lived here, I would be a regular.”

– Tom T.

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